Taking the heat out of rising cool store energy costs

3 men fitting solar panels to a roof

For over 10 years, General Manager, Peter Radevski, has been at the forefront of energy efficiency and renewable energy innovation in his Goulburn Valley-based Radevski Coolstores. Despite large electricity price increases over the last decade, Peter has managed to keep his power bills at an equivalent price to what he was paying seven years ago. Peter’s cool store and energy upgrades have enabled him to reduce his maximum energy network demand and build resilience to potential energy price hikes. This has enabled him to grow his cool store business whilst improving the businesses’ carbon footprint.

As well as sourcing better energy deals, the Radevski business has sourced grants and energy programs to assist with the cost of various initiatives including upgrades to their refrigeration system and installation of solar panels and variable speed drives.

To find out more about the Radevski’s energy initiatives and their decision-making rationale, read Apple and Pear Australia Limited’s (APAL) full article by Richelle Zealley on the APAL website

Diagram: Radevski Cool Stores energy upgrade journey and future steps

*Electricity costs are continuing to rise due to higher peak and off-peak pricing and network charges

Photo credit: Radevski Coolstores


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