Apiary sites on public lands

The Australian beekeeping industry depends on access to apiary sites on both private and public land. Private land sites are up to the beekeeper to find and organise with private landholders, whereas public land is available in all states and territories save for the Australian Capital Territory. Each state and territory has their own public land agencies or government agency which provides leasing arrangements so professional beekeeping businesses can place their hives in an area to target specific plant species which produce copious amounts of nectar and/or pollen.

Access to nectar producing plants is vital to the maintenance and growth of beekeeping businesses globally and underpins pollination-reliant horticulture industries. New South Wales commercial beekeeper Casey Cooper tells us what to look for when assessing a potential apiary site:

For information on apiary sites on public lands in your state or territory, please consult the following links:








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