Each year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show the industry is promoted through Honeyland. This is an opportunity to showcase the industry, with honey tastings and sales.

This year the honeys on offer are green mallee, yellowbox, Blakely’s red gum, orange blossom, clover, and leatherwood. Consumers are often surprised at just how different the available honeys taste. This is a great opportunity to educate the public about our diverse honeys and our relationship with the bush. All honey sold is donated by the industry and the funds raised go to the NSW Apiarist Association (NSWAA). 

Above: Honey displays at the Royal Easter Show: Honey colours (left), Beeswax and creamed honey (right)

Above: Comb honey and honey (left), Mead comb honey and candles (right)

The Beezebo is another great opportunity to showcase the industry. Demonstrations are held several times a day, giving the public a safe environment to see the inner workings of the beehive. For many this is the first time they see a bee colony and hear how honey is produced.

Finally, the National Honey Show showcases the various products of the hive: native honey, non-native honey, comb honey, creamed honey, chunk honey, mead, beeswax, and candles. 

Honeyland is co-ordinated by Debbie Porter and run by a team of volunteers from both the NSW Apiarist Association and Amateur Beekeepers Association that are passionate about our industry.


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