The Good, The Bad, and the Bug-ly Podcast

The Urban Plant Health Network have developed a podcast series ‘The Good, The Bad, and the Bug-ly’.

This podcast series focuses on all aspects of urban biosecurity including the good bugs you want to encourage in your garden, the bad bugs you don’t and everything in between. Some topics of interest include backyard beekeeping, growing healthy citrus trees in Melbourne, working together for general surveillance, why its important to be kind to spiders, and there is even an episode from the Victorian Chief Plant Health Officer. Listen while you are working in your garden, or whenever suits you.

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Episode 1: Do you know what sort of bugs are in your backyard garden? With Maddy Quirk

Episode 2: Growing Healthy Citrus Trees in Melbourne with Jeff Milne

Episode 3: Taking a close look at the tomato potato psyllid, otherwise known as TPP with Callum Fletcher

Episode 4: Buying healthy and diseases free plants with David Reid

Episode 5: The role of the Victorian Chief Plant Health Officer with Dr. Rosa Crnov

Episode 6: Be kind to Spiders with Dr. Lizzy Lowe

Episode 7: Boosting urban plant health and the power of social capital with Dr Jessica Lye

Episode 8: Keeping your backyard bees healthy with Cynthia Kefaloukos

Episode 9: Be aware the distinctive but destructive spotted lanternfly with Olivia Reynolds

Episode 10: Working together to enhance our biosecurity with Tim Hurst

Episode 11: Attracting beneficial bugs to your garden with Dr. Lizzy Lowe

Episode 12: Check your deliveries for this stinky hitchhiker with Antonette Walford

Episode 13: Queensland’s twenty-year long effort to extinguish fire ants with Kate Retzki

Episode 14: Australia’s number one priority plant pest with Craig Elliott

Episode 15: Are you a honey bee pest warrior? with Ally Driessen

Episode 16: The community approach to managing Queensland Fruit Fly with Bronwyn Koll

Episode 17: The solitary life of native bees with Robert McDougall