Energy Efficiency in Horticulture – Webinar recording


Do you want to hear about what other horticultural businesses are doing to improve energy efficiency?

Agriculture Victoria hosted a panel discussion with three managers from horticultural businesses who shared their experiences in implementing sustainable energy technologies, improving energy efficiency and generating renewable energy as part of the Energy Webinar Series.

Panellists included:

  • Dasha Sherif, I.M Sweet Australia – Installation of a 200kW solar array supplying renewable energy to a packing shed and refrigeration along with variable speed drives and rapid doors on cool rooms.
  • Jason Shields, Orchard Manager at Plunkett Orchards – Picking platforms reducing diesel consumption along with additional benefits that will significantly improve the return on investment.
  • Rowan Little, General Manager at Montague Orchards – Implementation of smart energy solutions in packing and distribution.

The panelists gave an overview of their energy projects and benefits which was followed by a facilitated Q&A session. The Q&A session was thought-provoking exploring the on-farm energy projects and a whole lot more from future energy technologies such as electric vehicles, planning for future energy use in the orchard and packing sheds and the changes occurring with the implementation of new technologies.

Transcript: Energy Efficiency in Horticulture – Webinar recording

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The Agriculture Victoria Energy Webinar Series is part of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan, which is supporting producers to improve energy usage on-farm.

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