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Exploring Beyond Diesel Forums

NSW Dept Primary Industries and partner agencies recently ran a great 3-part series of on-line forums which explored options to improve farm productivity and reduce carbon emissions related to diesel fuel use on farms. The webinars cover topics ranging from electrification, alternative fuels and new technologies.

The three forums feature a diverse range of expert presenters who explore some of the ways we can move beyond diesel, including:

  • solar to replace diesel pumping,
  • developments in battery storage,
  • electric tractor developments,
  • methane as a diesel replacement,
  • methane powered tractors,
  • biodiesel and hydrogen power.

Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Alan Finkel, believes that the vast majority of our future energy requirements will be met by clean electricity. Not just for lighting, computing and air conditioning, but for transport, building heating, and industry, too.

It is important to understand the options we have (or will have) to meet these challenges of transforming rapidly to clean energy in order to draw down our greenhouse gas emissions. This is especially so in an essential industry like agriculture where, in NSW for example, diesel makes up an average of 80% of the energy used in agricultural production. Also, with our national fuel supply being heavily reliant on imports, fuel security is an ongoing issue unless change occurs.

Recordings of each of the presentations from the three forums can be found at NSW DPI website our greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewing the regions; agriculture & the energy transition webinar

Hosted by the Renewables in Agriculture Conference and Farmers for Climate Action, ran this informative webinar on 9th December 2020 showcasing a great line-up of speakers, including:

  • Oregon State University Associate Professor Chad Higgins on growing crops under solar panels
  • Victorian farmer Paul Squires on growing potatoes under solar panels
  • South Australian farmer James Stacey on cutting costs with solar irrigation
  • Meredith Dairy environmental co-ordinator Dom Murphy on using bioenergy

More information about the webinar, the presenters and a link to the recording can be found on the Farmers for Climate Action website


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