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10. New irrigation developments

Irrigation Development Guidelines (IDG) assist landowners to meet the planning and licensing requirements for irrigation development. The Guidelines are in the form of an approvals process and a requirement for water-use licence and works licence applications.

The key purpose of the Guidelines is to ensure that irrigation development continues in a sustainable manner by minimising negative impacts on the environment and adjoining landholders.

The Guidelines help mitigate the risks associated with applying water to land and ensure improved water efficiency through application of higher irrigation standards. They also guide the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and cultural heritage values.

Irrigation Development Guidelines apply to applications for, or variations to, water-use licences for irrigation purposes where the proposed irrigation development:

  • Will occur on land for which there has never been a water-use
  • Involves an increase in the annual use limit in an existing water-use
  • Involves an increase in the area to be irrigated in an existing water-use
  • Applications for a new works licence (Section 67), or renewal or variation of an existing works licence for irrigation

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