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1. Whole Farm Planning

A great place to start

Before you consider making changes to your irrigation infrastructure, it makes sense to consider what you want to achieve. To make good decisions, you need to have clear goals. These goals can be related to economic, environmental or social considerations or a combination of all these factors. The best place to start is to prepare a Whole Farm Plan for the property.

What is a Whole Farm Plan?

A Whole Farm Plan is a blue print for any future farm development. It includes all aspects of the physical layout such as: channels, drains, pipelines, outlets, supply points, paddock design, drainage reuse, remnant native vegetation, tree lines, cultural heritage, livestock management, laneways and other features.

Why prepare a Whole Farm Plan?

A Whole Farm Plan provides a guide for the landowner on the future development of their property. The Whole Farm Plan may be implemented immediately or staged over several years, depending on each landowner’s individual goals and resources. Through the Whole Farm Planning process, landowners can ensure protection and enhancement of environmental features and cultural values improved water management and increased water use efficiency, which leads to better production and overall farm management.

Who can help me prepare a Whole Farm Plan?

An Irrigation Surveyor and Designer can be engaged to assist you with the preparation of a Whole Farm Plan. A list of local Irrigation Surveyors and Designers is available, please contact Agriculture Victoria.

Whole Farm Plan incentive scheme

Financial incentives are available to assist with the completion of a Whole Farm Plan, subject to funding availability. The incentives are administered by Agriculture Victoria on behalf of the Goulburn Broken and North Central Catchment Management Authorities and is supported by the Victorian Government.

Who to contact

To be eligible for the incentive an application must be made by the landowner and approved by Agriculture Victoria before commencing a Whole Farm Plan.

For further information contact:

Agriculture Victoria
Whole Farm Plan Coordinator
Kerang (North Central) – (03) 5473 0180
Echuca (Goulburn Broken) – (03) 5482 1922


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