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8. Regional drainage

Effective drainage infrastructure helps to protect productive agricultural land from waterlogging and salinity impacts, maintains and enhances environmental values in the landscape and protects civil assets including roads.

The Shepparton Irrigation Region Drainage Strategy was reviewed in 2015 and identified a new approach to managing rainfall-driven waterlogging and drainage issues, as well improving on-farm management of irrigation run-off.

The renewed Surface Water Management Program (SWMP) is prioritising where limited funding for new Surface Water Management Schemes (SWMS) can provide the best drainage outcomes.

The renewed SWMP is being delivered in three complementary sub-programs:

  1. Priority Construction Projects
  2. Hybrid SWMSs
  3. Farm Drainage Options

A key part of the renewed Strategy is the “Hybrid SWMS” concept, which aims to improve natural drainage by implementing Drainage Course Declarations (DCDs) under Victoria’s Water Act. DCDs allow artificial obstructions to water flow to be removed, and link fragmented drainage lines.

Further information on the renewed SWMP, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is available on the Goulburn Broken CMA website.

For further information contact:

Agriculture Victoria

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Echuca – (03) 5482 1922

Goulburn-Murray Water

Drainage Systems Team – 1800 013 357

Goulburn Broken CMA

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North Central CMA

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