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Pipe and Riser irrigation system

Water in a pipe and riser irrigation system is distributed to the bay through a network of pipes, (as opposed to open channels as occurs with a traditional Border Check irrigation system). Usually the water is pumped through these systems however gravity systems can also be installed (where the system does not require a pump). Significant head or height of water at the source is required for gravity systems which is rarely obtainable in northern Victoria.

Key considerations for Pipe and Riser Irrigation?

The first question to consider is what flow rate do you want or need for now and into the future? Generally the response is in the range of 12-20 ML/day. This answer determines the diameter of pipe required and the pump specifications. Irrigators should complete a Whole Farm Plan or modify their existing plan to reflect the pipe and riser system design. This will ensure the system is compatible with the proposed layout and considers future expansion opportunities for the system.

If the system is pumped, there will be ongoing operation costs per megalitre (ML) of water pumped. A relationship exists between pipe size, pump efficiency, head loss and energy costs that will impact the cost to pump a ML of water for the life of the system. If you get this wrong, the overall operation cost will be significantly higher than it needs to be. You should always aim to design a system that delivers the required flow while minimising energy requirements. This ensures the system remains as economically efficient as possible for the life of the equipment.

The success of a pipe and riser system will depend on the design of the system and must be considered during the preparation of a Whole Farm Plan.

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Pipe and Riser Irrigation system

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