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This page shows ‘hot links’ that provide valuable and popular information for irrigators and the broader irrigation community in northern Vic, southern NSW and Gippsland

Upcoming irrigation water availability

Nowadays, irrigation water availability and price, is influenced not only by the water allocation in your district, but by water allocations in other key zones in the connected southern Murray Darling Basin.  Irrigation carryover volumes and water trade limits (refer to the “Water trading” section below) also impact on the size of the pool of water available to an irrigator and the associated water price. Other key information related to upcoming water availability including allocation outlooks, recent rainfall and inflow data, and the climate outlook, can help with important farm management planning decisions for the current and upcoming seasons.  

Water trading

A farm business may use any mix of water products ie. own permanent, buy temporary, forward contract, lease etc.  During the season and from year to year the water prices vary for permanent and temporary water; and between different districts.  If looking to trade water, it is important to keep an eye on the market and there are different trading rules when transferring between valleys.

Water Ownership

For information regarding who owns what water and how shares are split between states see the  links below

Irrigation System Design and Management

A well designed and constructed irrigation system is crucial for water efficiency.  A poor system can be costly in terms of water use, energy and running costs, time or productivity losses.  An irrigation system should be matched to what is to be grown and the soil types of the farm. See the links below for more information.

Irrigation Scheduling

Making the most of your water by properly scheduling your irrigations can increase your productivity and save water.  There are many tools that can be used and no one tool should be used in isolation but rather together to guide you when deciding when to irrigate.

Incentives and support are available for landholders.  There is dry seasonal conditions support available for the current season and a number of other irrigation related incentives available for landholders.

If you have other favourite irrigation related web sites, please let us know about them using the ‘Contact Us’ tab above so we can consider adding them to this page.

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