Peri-urban Environmental Biosecurity webinar – Watch out for these pests

The PEBN recently presented a webinar for the Botanic Gardens Environment Network, one of our fellow Biosecurity COP’s, on watching out for environmental pests in peri-urban areas and what to do if they show up on your farm or local native patch. 

The webinar featured presentations on environmental biosecurity and how the community can play a part in protecting the environment. It included case studies on cane toads and red imported fire ants and how to report exotic pests and diseases in NSW.

The first presentation from Elyse Herrald-Woods, Director of Strategy and Support with the Environmental Biosecurity Office set the scene for the webinar by introducing environmental biosecurity and explaining that biosecurity involves a partnership. 

Elyse outlined the importance of a shared responsibility and that everyone has a role to play when it comes to biosecurity and protecting our way of life from the impact of exotic pests and diseases. 

“The PEBN was established to support individuals to act by connecting experts in environmental biosecurity with peri-urban communities in NSW so they can work together to protect the environment from the impact of exotic pests and diseases.”

She highlighted the important role peri-urban communities have in biosecurity due to their unique environment.  

“There are a range of unique characteristics of peri-urban areas that make their role in environmental biosecurity quite important including that many landholdings have patches of native ecological communities still on them and/or that they adjoin national parks, bush reserves, and other recreational areas.

It’s important to protect these places as they provide habitat for native plants, animals and insects as well as giving people a place to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.”

Elyse concluded her presentation with a few suggestions on how everyone can support environmental biosecurity:

“It might be: 

downloading that reporting app you’ve heard about

double checking where that online seller of seeds is based (hint – it’s probably NOT Australia)

cleaning your shoes before your next bushwalk (and making it a habit!)

recommending to your neighbour that they subscribe to the Peri-urban Environmental Biosecurity Network – after signing up yourself of course.”

Other presentations included:

Watch the full webinar below to learn more about how some communities are playing an important role in stopping pests and diseases from establishing or spreading in NSW and how you can make a difference too.

This webinar was held as part of a series on webinars hosted by the Botanic Gardens Biosecurity Network.

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