Energy Storage Options – Webinar recording

Energy storage technologies provide the opportunity to capture excess energy generated on-farm to be utilised at a later time when there is energy demand.

Agriculture Victoria hosted a webinar to explore energy storage options for on-farm use.

Presenter Ellie Shirdel, Pitt & Sherry, spoke about energy storage options including batteries, thermal storage and kinetic systems. Ellie provided an overview of each technology and how these technologies may be utilised on-farm.

Fred Jonkers, a Gippsland dairy farmer, shared his experiences and the benefits of installing a solar and battery system for his farm.

This webinar was recorded on 6 April 2022 and all information was accurate at the time of recording.

Transcript: Energy Storage Options – Webinar recording

Further Information

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The Agriculture Victoria Energy Webinar Series is part of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan, which is supporting producers to improve energy usage on-farm.

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