Irrigation webinar series recordings

Welcome to the Irrigation Webinar Series recordings page.

Below you will find links to each recording as they become available.

Webinar 9: Goulburn inter-valley trade and Murray shortfall risks (December 2021)

Webinar 8: AgTech Irrigation, what’s in it for you? (July 2021)

Webinar 7: Climate impacts on streamflows and future water supplies (July 2021)

Webinar 6: Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) inquiry into Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) water markets – a Victorian irrigation perspective

Webinar 5: Securing your future water needs: Harnessing carryover and other water products (April 2021)

Webinar 4: Goulburn to Murray trade and Murray delivery risk (March 2021)

Webinar 3: Understanding and managing water price variability on farm (February 2021)

Webinar 2: Where is the water market heading in the long term? (January 2021)

Webinar 1: Water Market 101: Situation and outlook in the sMDB (September 2020)


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