John O’Connor

John currently works with NSW DPI as an Energy Research Officer, running the training and education part of the Energy Efficient Solutions project.  He has been involved in agriculture for all his life, after being a “family farm slave”, teacher and African tourist! For the past 30 years, John has worked with the NSW Government’s agriculture services across pastures, livestock and research areas. He and his wife, Jo, have 5 daughters and run a 350 acre farm near Bega, which they have been making more energy efficient.  

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Man walking next to solar panels
Diesel saving tips for pumps

Water pumps are one of the big users of diesel in agriculture, along with tractors and field machinery. During NSW DPI’s first round of Farm …
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Solar panel used for pumping with man working on it
Stand-alone solar for pumping low water volumes

Solar power supply options
Solar pumping systems are well suited to pumping smaller water volumes such as for stock and domestic usage or small-scale irrigation. Free …
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Woolshed with solar panels
On-farm energy feasibility studies and pilot projects (NSW DPI)

NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) have completed a range of projects to assess the feasibility of technologies and business models that address the …
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Exploring Beyond Diesel webinars

Agricultural production relies on a variety energy sources including diesel, electricity and gas, with the dominant energy source being diesel. Diesel usage generates many millions …
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Image of a tractor harvesting a crop
Exploring Beyond Diesel No. 4 – Webinar Recording

Agricultural production relies on a variety of energy sources including diesel, electricity and gas, with the dominant energy source being diesel. Diesel usage generates many …
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Vintage red farm tractor used as a generator in front of shed with two farmers
Improving energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions – Webinar recording

With increasing electricity prices and a transition to decarbonise our businesses, innovation will be crucial to the wine industry in overcoming challenges and capitalising on …
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mobile H2Cuts mobile barber trailer with DPI presenter and 2 hairdressers cutting hair
The H2Cuts Trailer: Looking forward – looking back

The old Slim Dusty song “Looking Forward Looking Back” sprang to mind as I started to write about the NSW Department of Primary Industries’ H2Cuts …
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Dairy farm shed with solar panels farm vehicle blue sky and three people on dirt track
Pecora Dairy Energy Efficiency Solutions Pilot Project

The NSW DPI Energy Efficiency Solutions project has implemented pilot projects on a range of farms around NSW during 2021 to address the cost, reliability …
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close up of hydrogen fuel cell cabinet with red cylinder, powerpoints and electronics
How does a hydrogen fuel cell work?

Hydrogen fuel cells are being touted as a promising technology to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the transport sector. Hydrogen fuel cells use …
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hydrogen fuel supply plant, blue sky, large fuel tanks and tower behind gated fencing
Real world applications of hydrogen technologies

Dr Neil Thompson, Adjunct Associate Professor with the Centre for Clean Energy Technologies at the Queensland University of Technology, has created a series of three …
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Large white hydrogen fuel tank with three wind turbines in background
Can diesel fuel farming forever?

The May-June edition of NSW Farmers ‘The Farmer’ magazine looks at workable alternatives to diesel for on-farm use in the face of soaring prices, supply …
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