Identification & Management of Field Crop Diseases in Victoria

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Brown leaf spotPleiochaeta setosaDark spots on leaves and pods, leaves drop off, lesions may girdle stem.Very common but losses usually minor in dry areas, yield loss can be significant in cool damp areas.Spores in soil and lupin trash, rain-splash and wind blown.Fungicide seed dressings

Crop rotation

Variety selection

Early sowing
Pleiochaeta root rotPleiochaeta setosaBrowning and rotting of tap and lateral roots, seedling plant death.Serious reduction in lupin plant density and vigour.Spores in soil infecting roots usually at seedling stage, spread also by rain-splash.Rotation - minimum 4 years between lupins

Sowing 4-5 cm deep to avoid spore layer,

Fungicide seed dressings
RhizoctoniaRhizoctonia spp.Bare patches in crop, spear tipped root ends, hypocotyl rot and stain.Can be severe in isolated patches, reduces stand density, favoured by minimum tillage, wet soils and mild conditions.Soil borne infection on wide host range, survives as fungal fragments in soil and plant debris.Tillage prior and during sowing

Rotation has no effect

Increased seeding rate
AnthracnoseColletotrichum lupiniStems bend over, sticky dark brown lesions in crook of bend, pods and leaves above crook twist and deform, dark lesions with pale centres on leaves, stems and pods.Severe infections can result in complete crop failure.Spores surviving in soil are transported by vehicles, machinery, animals and people, spread in crop by rain-splash and wind.Clean seed and machinery

4-year break between lupins

Resistant varieties

Fungicide seed dressings reduce seedling infection
mosaic virus
Virus All growth after infection is dwarfed, leaflets are yellowed and bunched.Early widespread infection severely reduces yield. Minor infections prevent use of harvested grain as seed.Seed borne infection in narrow leaf lupin, aphids transmit the disease within a crop.Sow clean seed

Use a seed test

High sowing rates

Cereal barriers around crops reduce aphid transmission.
Bean yellow
mosaic virus
VirusBrown streaks on stem, shepherd crook, pods blackened and flat, plants wilt and die.Occurs in all lupin growing areas. Can be severe in higher rainfall areas.Seed borne in albus, aphid spread in crop, many host species.Sow virus free seed

High plant density

Cereal barrier

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